Who We Are !!

Hello everyone !!

Hope you have visited our blog and enjoyed it. Please do share your feedback. It will help us to assess things properly and do even better. Your feedback in short will be invaluable.

Well, I am Amruta RS. (Amruta Rangari Suryavanshi). I hold a degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. Currently associated with a French MNC as QA Analyst and my Sister Ankita Rangari holds a degree in Architecture and currently associated with an Architecture & Interior Design Firm. It flashed pretty late in our minds that we are Food Enthusiast by soul, mind & heart – Isn’t it a lovely combination. We simply love to cook new/traditional/innovative recipes for our Family & Friends

Our Journey

Honestly in our early teens, we were never really inclined towards cooking. We would barely make anything. As far as I remember only Rice, Maggi, boiling eggs etc. Like all youngsters around, my dream was to become a Doctor or an Engineer. As far as my family’s concerned, we have lot of engineers, so even I wanted to become an Engineer. A kind of family tradition. Eventually I became one. But I knew Ankita was always inclined towards a creative field and so her options were quite different than me .(Product Designer , Mass Media Communication or Architecture ) but finally she chose to be an Architect.

Once, during my Diploma Engineering 1st year days, I remember going to one of my relative’s place for a birthday party where we had some awesome Chicken Biryani. Biryani has always been a weak point for us and the best part was that it was Homemade. That evening we saw Mom asking them the recipe and I clearly remember drafting everything in my mind quickly. Unfortunately, next day onwards we got back to our regular routine and eventually everything vanished out of our heads.

Now here begins the actual story. It was our summer vacations. Mom had to leave early for office. She had made Karela Sabzi and had asked me to make Omelette or Dal Rice for me and my sister for lunch. So now what…. As usual we sat watching TV after Mom and Dad left for work. I don’t know how but the tasty Chicken Biryani I had eaten few months ago flashed in front of me. I simply decided to make it at that very moment. I shared this idea with my sister who is pretty much younger to me. We have an age gap of 8 years. She was very excited with the idea. But the problem was with ingredients. We had limited things at home and the market was around 2 km and as per our “House Rules” we were not supposed to leave without informing our parents. Our row house was in a secluded area during those days. Also I wanted to make this Biryani secretly without their knowledge because my Mom would bombard me with questions like Why?? How?? When?? What??

So the secret mission was locked. We decided, if Mom or Dad called during the time I was in the market she would say I am taking a shower or on terrace watering plants. Luckily mobile phones hadn’t invaded our lives then. I took my Dad’s Kinetic Honda keys from the cupboard (BTW I had my non-gear driving license but was not supposed to ride without my parents’ permission) and went to the market. Since I had only 100 rupees we decided to make Veg Biryani. I picked up Biryani Masala, Curd, few veggies and came back.

Luckily no one called when I was in the market. I started recalling the recipe and made our First Vegetable Biryani. And the first one to taste was my partner in crime – my sweet sister. I still remember her expressions. Etched in my heart, mind & soul forever – ‘Enthralled Expressions’. We decided to keep two servings for Mom and Dad.

In the evening we surprised both of them with Biryani. They were of course upset with my market ride histrionics but they loved the Biryani. We were officially given the authority to make it in large quantity in the coming weekend.

Hence our journey began !! We started cooking Biryani, Pulao, Cutlets, Various styles of Chicken Gravies, Kebabs etc. In those days Internet and YouTube were not part of our lives. So our source of information & inspiration were our Mom-Dad (I must say both are very good cooks ), Newspaper Food Columns, Calendar Pages where for each month some recipe was shared, Magazines and some of our own experiments & creations.

I remember doing an Advanced Cake Course during my Graduation Days and making Chocolate Cake for my College Friends and carrying it all over from Belapur to Dombivili in a local train And then I also remember Ankita baking Birthday Cakes, Cupcakes, or making Cutlets/Kebabs for her College Friends

Slowly cooking started getting into our soul and becoming a part of our existence. We started innovating some new dishes.

Luckily my husband also turned out to be a Foodie I started exploring new recipes. Being a Writer and Director, his team would visit our home often for work & meetings. This gave me an opportunity to cook something new every time and in bigger quantities.

Guilty Not Jars

I won my first Cooking Competition in my Company which was No Cook, No Bake Recipe in 1 hr. I also made 30 Donuts for the office pot luck. Baked a cake for my Office Colleague’s son’s birthday & I also baked cake for my Office Colleague’s Wedding Anniversary. Ankita started making special desserts on her birthdays. She made Vanilla Sponge cake for her College Friends . And then Paan Laddos for her Office Joining Anniversary.

Vanilla Sponge Cake
Aakriti’s Wedding Anniversary Cake
Nilay’s birthday cake
Donuts for office pot luck

Paan Laddos

After all these years one thing We have realized that more than eating food, We love the appreciation and the compliments that We receive after cooking.

It was during this Covid19 lockdown phase, We thought to do something more creative & utilize our free time after work. Why not share thoughts with you lovely people around. And the best way was to start a Blog!!

Here begins our JOURNEY… All the best to us😊. Need your love & support.

A thanking note below to all the people who have encouraged and supported us ALWAYS…

Mom & Dad, thanks for all the motivation & support. Lucky to have inherited your cooking skills. Thanks to my Sister (Ankita) who is the part of this Journey from last many years and my husband (Vihan) who is my Guinea Pig in this food tasting journey. All our lovely friends (Maria, Krishnan, Abhishek, Shilpa ,Tejashri, Shweta (Sonu), Suraj , Heena ,Rujuta, Harsh) who have always encouraged us and finally our office colleagues for whom we have cooked/baked all these years.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tejashri Jedhe says:

    This is amazing. So excited for you girls. All my love and best wishes to you!!


  2. Shilpa says:

    It was lovely to know the journey so far.
    Best wishes and keep going.


  3. Denus Mathew says:

    Very good effort.. Background story is interesting.. and the recipe creation looks awesome.. Keep it up !!
    All the best wishes !


    1. Thanks Denus for such a lovely comment


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